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Alexei Dmitriev
Freelance Journalist

"A versatile business generalist and content creator with extensive global experience seeking to contribute in a challenging role at an internationally-operating organization.
A few years ago he reconnected with his humanities side and launched a career in bilingual journalism".
During his amazing adventure through the 4D/3N Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, Alexei enjoyed some time in the downtown of Lima. We had the honor to be with him. Enjoy with us the spirit of the capital captured in his marvellous pictures.
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  • Inca Trail
  • To my left, an invisible stream down below whispers a sibilant-rich refrain: this abyss is not bottomless. The coca leaves I’m chewing are supposed to mitigate the loopy fatigue of high-altitude exertion, but the full benefits seem to be eluding me. Walking in the clouds is not easy. Nevertheless, despite this long uphill stretch in the rarified air, I am euphoric while Machu Picchu-bound on the Inca Trail. Read article..

  • Trip to Peru
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